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Visitor centres on Öland

Visit one of Öland’s Naturum (visitor centres) and you will get an experience as well as easily accessible knowledge.

Naturpunkten – visitor centre at the Öland Tourist Office.
Naturpunkten is located in the large tourist information office near the bridge, just north of Färjestaden. The exhibition shows the various types of nature on Öland, and much of the island’s flora and fauna. At the centre of the exhibition room there is a huge scale model of Öland, showing all the various nature reserves.

On the northeastern tip of Öland, at the entrance to Trollskogens nature reserve, lies Naturum Trollskogen. This enchanted forest contains trees which are very old, between 100 and 200 years. Curved and winding pine trees, tormented by the strong sea winds, twist and turn in fantastic shapes. Old fir and oak trees can also be found here.

This is what you do.
Naturum Trollskogen displays exciting and educational information for the entire family about Öland’s geology, flora, fauna and cultural history. In small, red former woodcutters cabins, you will find displays about a number of different types of nature typical for Öland.
This visitor centre is a good start of a tour around the Trollskogen nature reserve. It also provides tips about other enjoyable excursions you can make in the area.

Guided tours
There are daily guided tours at the Naturum and in Trollskogen nature reserve during the summer season.