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At Öland's tourism organization, we work with destination development and Partnership Öland is our platform for collaboration with the region's business community. Our network consists of proud and active member companies that participate in and finance the development, branding and marketing of Öland.

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Partnersship Öland

The collective name for the collaboration between Öland's Tourism Organization and the business community is precisely Partnership Öland. It will include a number of activities such as information meetings, dialogue meetings and training. Within the framework of Partnership Öland, we will also seek co-financing for both marketing and development activities for Öland.

The development is clear

The metropolitan regions are growing at the expense of the countryside. If we in the countryside are to manage care, school and care, the business community will need to flourish even more than it does today. To be competitive against other strong destinations, we must act together - alone is not strong in this context. Around Sweden, we can see destinations that in some cases consist of several municipalities together with the business community put the money centrally to become stronger together, to together attract the tourist to choose them. The competition for the tourist and the attractive place is tough and everyone is working hard on tourism issues.

Kalmar for reference

Do you remember what it was like in Kalmar 20 years ago. Putting the money in the middle has been a way of working there for more than ten years. They collect about 4 million annually from the business community and with joint efforts they (the public and business community) have made Kalmar an attractive and popular destination with a focus on culture. and sports tourism.

Together we reach further

With its 1.4 million commercial guest nights, Öland is a very strong and popular destination, but for that reason we cannot rest easy. If Öland does not develop, we will back down. In addition, the season is short and we want to extend it together with you. There is no shortage of supply during either spring, autumn or winter on the island. But in order to be able to create more reasons to visit Öland and break through the noise from competitors, more resources are needed than the more than 6 million that the municipalities contribute.

We hope that everyone wants to be with us in the work with Partnership Öland! Today we are just over 100 companies. Our goal in 2021 is to become more, where we can also see a variation from different industries.

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Här presenterar vi de aktiviteter och händelser som vi tror och hoppas kan ge nytta för dig inom besöksnäringen på Öland. Ta del av partner- och näringslivsträffar, föreläsningar, workshops, webbinarium och mycket mer.


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