Pitch - Neptuni Åkrar

If you want to enjoy Neptuni Åkrar, this site is for you.
Neptuni Åkrar is an extensive shingle field along the coast north of Byxelkrok in Böda parish on Öland. A nature reserve with a colorful sea of flowering blue alders. Immediately after the rocky slope extends an area with large limestone quarries.
Byxelkrok's guest harbor which offers cozy fishing stalls with food and shopping is just a stone's throw away.

You can find it at - Neptunivägen Byxelkrok 3km north of the harbor.
Number of places: 23
Water: No
Electricity: No
Toilets: No
Shower: No
Emptying latrine cassette: No
Emptying latrine fixed tanks: No
Emptying of gray water: No
Garbage containers: Yes
Wifi: No
Washing machine: No
Tourist information: No