Pitch - Byxelkrok Hamn

Byxelkrok is a small locality in the municipality of Borgholm. Byxelkrok is part of Böda parish located on the northern tip of Öland. The road landsväg 136 runs from Ottenby in the south all the way up to Byxelkrok, where it ends. Byxelkrok has a small harbour, restaurants, and cafés. Ferry service are available durning the summer between Byxelkrok and Oskarshamn on the main land.


17 parking places - all including electicity
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Restrooms: 6, one handicapped accessable
Showers: 9, one handicapped accessable
Emtying of latrin casett, fixed tanks, and gray water is available.
Garbage cans: Yes, with garbage sortage
Wifi: No
Laundry machine: 2, and one drier - free of charge
Payment: Campingspot

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