Camping - Böda Station Camping

Böda Station is an old railway station that was closed in 1961. It was then converted into a family home for SJ employees and their families.

Now it is a holiday resort open to all.

The outside of the station house is largely as it has always been, but with some minor changes in the same style as the rest of the house. In the house there is an assembly hall where the old ticket booth is still there, there are also pictures from when the station was running.

Our caravan sites all have electricity, and are on a grassy area. The tent sites do not have electricity and are on a grassy area.

In our kitchen in the service house there is a fridge, freezer, small stove and a microwave that everyone can use. In the service house there are also toilets for the disabled, a laundry room and latrine emptying. However, we do not have so that you can empty gray water from motorhomes.

Our showers are free. We also have a washing machine that you can use for a small fee.