Pitch - Kalvhagen i Södvik

Book a pitch in cozy Kalvhagen!
Kalvhagen is located opposite the row of old stone barns that give a sense of times that once were. The farm is next door so you can expect the occasional chicken, rooster, cat and a few cows. The place itself is unique because of its proximity to nature, living farms and nature reserves. Kalvhagen is a place where music, animals, culture, nature and environment together form a unique meeting place for people of all ages.

Number of places: 15, all with electricity
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Toilet: Yes
Shower: Yes
Emptying latrine cassette: No
Emptying latrine fixed tanks: No
Emptying of gray water: No
Refuse containers: No
Wifi: No
Washing machine: No
Tourist information: No